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Be free, be wireless - uICE
Welcome to, home of the leading consumer remote control software, the universal Infrared Control Engine.


Since 1999, constant development and improvements made uICE the most universal remote control solution for Home Theater PCs (HTPC) as well as business presentations. uICE enhances the multimedia experience with today's and even next-generation computer technologies by offering you the advantage to control your audio, video, presentational and any other applications like stand-alone DVD players, CD/MP3 players or video projectors. Sit back on your couch, hit your remote control's play button and relax.

You don't have a remote control? Don't panic, uICE supports standard as well as multimedia keyboards, wireless or wired. Make your keyboard a big remote control and control even those applications with multimedia keys that do not support them natively.


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It's on your's whether you want to use Winamp as your universal hifi rack at home without having a mouse pad hanging around on the table, or to give your business presentations the extra touch.


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